The Trilogy

new_trilogy_imageThe gwellen, six Stones of unequalled magical power were hidden in the wilderness many years ago.  No one knows where they are, but even if someone found the gwellen, it would do him no good, for rare is the individual with the ability to handle the stones, and even rarer is one who has inherited that ability of his ancestors.

However, there are two individuals who have so inherited–Lord Berthus Randolphus and his young half brother, Orren.  The two brothers are, however, mortal enemies.

Berthus wants to find all six gwellen and use their power to rule over all.  Orren wants to foil Berthus’s plans.  Berthus has a vast army of followers including some of the worst cutthroats and villains on the entire continent of LeFain.  Orren has a small ragtag band of friends, and their quest for the gwellen puts him and his friends in great danger.

 Can young Orren Randolphus and his friends succeed against overwhelming odds?

Book One–Three Fugitives

Young Orren Randolphus spent his childhood in deprivation, living among the swine owned by the powerful Lord Berthus Randolphus, of whom he is terrified.  When Orren’s only friend on the manor lies upon his death bed, he reveals to Orren the fact that Berthus is actually Orren’s older half brother, and that Orren must escape, for he is in mortal peril.  Orren does so, but as an act of revenge, steals a beautiful blue stone that belongs to Berthus.  He later discovers it to be one of the six fabled gwellen, and also learns of Berthus’s plans, which he decides to foil.  Berthus, learning of the theft, pursues his brother with the intent to kill him and retrieve the blue gwell, before pressing on to find the other six stones.
Orren Randolphus flees across the wilderness and rescues two other individuals–an awkward goblin named Haxel and an enslaved blue-blooded heiress named Marett, both of whom join his quest.  Together the three fugitives face winter storms, wild beasts, bandits, peasant uprisings, and a strange cult with a sinister reputation, as well as internal conflicts within their little group.  It soon becomes clear, however, that unless they can shake of Lord Berthus’s relentless pursuit, which is exacerbated by the fact that Orren unwittingly assisted Berthus in finding another gwell, their efforts will be in vain and all will be lost.



Book Two–Everywhere Foes Lurk

Orren Randolphus and his friends, Haxel the goblin and Marett the heiress have escaped the clutches of both Lord Berthus and the Drammites cult, by fleeing into the Forest of Doom.  The mighty green jungle is almost impossible to navigate, however, and it’s to be cursed with evil beasts from a distant past.  Even if they make it out alive, Orren and his friends will have to cross Rivulein, a volatile region where the Drammites hold sway.  Moreover, Berthus, was stymied, has not been stopped, and his relentless search for the gwellen, including the one Orren stole from him, continues.  In addition, it seems that there are others who may desire the stones, and Orren is haunted by a dream he had that seems to indicate that unless a sanctuary is found where the stones will be forever falling into the wrong hands, their quest will be for nothing.  Many are the foes that Orren, Haxel, and Marett seemed destined to come across, but there also might be new allies and potentially, new members for their little group.


nonameBook Three–Cursed Quest

A sanctuary has been found for the gwellen–the dark city of Wardolam. Young Orren Randolphus and his friends, Haxel the goblin, Marett the heiress, Quartz the rock giant, and Anselm the cranky old adventurer, have brought two of the stones into it.  However, the shadowy inhabitants of Wardolam have tricked Orren and his friends into accepting upon themselves a curse.  They must bring all of the other four gwellen–including the two Berthus has obtained–back to the city within three months or they will be transformed into ghouls–undead beings trapped in the valley where the shadow city lies, and doomed to guard it forever. Moreover, they are forbidden to bring the two gwellen that they have already found, with them to assist in finding the others, thus rendering their mission practically impossible.  To makes matters worse, Lord Berthus, their arch-enemy is proving to be a match for Orren in wit and scheming.  The only factors working Orren’s favor are six magical talismans that the Wardolam denizens have given them, each of which can be used only once, and the creation of a Bearers’ Web, whereby gwell bearers can organize themselves into a close-knit network that facilitates telepathic communication and support.  However, Berthus learns about Bearers’ Webs as well…..



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 Maps of the Six Stones Trilogy world

Below is a map of the southwestern part of LeFain, the continent where the Six Stones Trilogy takes place.  Orren Randolphus and his friends travel across the lands depicted on this map.

The following maps magnify some of the areas where the gwell bearers travel: