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7:21 pm , April 20, 2012 0

Dr Trevor, a respected psychologist in Johannesburg, had the following to say about Three Fugitives:

The “Three Fugitives”, being book one of the “Six Stones Trilogy” introduces us into the tragic world of Orren, a young boy fleeing from Lord Berthus, his evil half brother and ruler of Corcadine.  The story unfolds in a page turning adventure that I struggled to put down.

I particularly enjoyed the interplay between the characters of Orren, the goblin Haxel, and the heiress Marett, and the strange yet unyielding friendship that blooms on their quest to destroy Berthus’s goal of obtaining all six gwellen.  The story unfolds in a perfect mix of emotion, action, magic, and adventure, to keep one interested at all times.

I look forward to the next two books, and recommend all fantasy lovers to enter into this world of love, hate, fear, and friendship, and join Orren and his friends on his quest to find the gwellen.