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6:40 pm , February 17, 2012 0

Three Fugitives, the exciting first book in the Six Stones Trilogy is available for purchase from Tate Publishing. Click on the following link:

Three Fugitives in Book Store

or read the first three chapters for free.  Just click on the Three Fugitives Book link in the Free Book Download box, located on the right side of the page.

So what is Three Fugitives about?

Six ancient stones of unequalled magical power, known as the gwellen, exist hidden in remote corners of the wilderness. The ability to use these stones is limited to very few individuals. Two such individuals are Lord Berthus Randolphus, the young tyrant who rules the narrow, windswept Corcadine Peninsula, and his thirteen-year-old half brother, Orren, who Berthus despises and has forced to live in filthy pig sties. One fateful morning, the aged guardian of both young men dies, leaving Orren with a warning that he must flee the Corcadine, because Berthus desires to kill him. Orren escapes, but in the process, steals a beautiful blue stone, not knowing that it is one of the gwellen, the only one so far revealed. In time, Orren learns that Berthus wants all six stones so he can use their powers to gain mastery over all.

Orren decides to prevent his brother from obtaining them, so he is determined to find them and spirit them away. Berthus, however, raises an army of thugs, cutthroats, and allied lords, to hunt Orren down, kill him, and take the stone back, before finding the other five. Orren is joined by two individuals–a clumsy, awkward goblin and an arrogant, controlling heiress from an ancient bloodline, both of whom join his quest. Together, the three fugitives face winter storms, wild beasts, bandits, peasant uprisings, and a strange cult with a sinister reputation, while attempting to overcome their personal differences. All the while, they must stay ahead of Berthus’s army, and it soon becomes clear that if they cannot hake off the tyrant’s pursuit, all will be lost.