The Bull and the Beast

3:28 pm , June 12, 2012 0
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Anyone who has read my book will recognize the scene depicted in this oil painting I did.  The three fugitives–Orren, Haxel, and Marett–are riding a horse that they stole from a group of ruthless slave-trading bandits, when the horse suddenly turns into a terrifying monster that they have to fight off.  At one point, this painting served as the cover for my book, because it displays the three fugitives working together to overcome their foe, while at the same time, each one still has his or her weakness.

The above scene was inspired by this animal.  Well, to be perfectly honest, not this specific animal, but one of its kind–an Ankole bull that once charged my dog and I, when we snuck into its enclosure.  I grabbed my dog and we narrowly escaped through the hole we had come through.

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