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OK, so now we have the website back up and running again.  Here’s an update on the stauts of the Six Stones Trilogy.

The first book, Three Fugitives, is, as you probably know, available at Tate Publishing’s website and on all major online retail outlets like Amazon and  Don’t forget to take advantage of the special offer, wherein you get a free audio book.

The second book, Everywhere Foes Lurk, is available at Tate Publishing’s website only, but after it’s released on December 11, it will be available in the same places where you can get Three Fugitives.  Right now, the audio book for Everywhere Foes Lurk is being developed so that customers can take advantage of the same special offer.

The third and final book, Cursed Quest, has been edited, and right now we’re working on the layout and the book cover design.  I’ll keep you posted on its progress.

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My publisher, Tate Publishing, has graciously provided me with a wonderful service.  My first book, Three Fugitives, comes with a free audio book file.  Anyone who buys Three Fugitives will be able to access this file for themselves if they turn to the very last page in the book and see that information is contained vis-a-vis obtaining it.  In so doing, Tate has ensured that visually impaired family and friends of my readers, can also enjoy the story.  Not only that, but an audio book is being prepared even as we speak for the second book, Everywhere Foes Lurk.  When the third book, Cursed Quest, comes out, it too, will have an audio book.  

Be sure to take advantage of these special offers, which enable visually impaired individuals as well as those who are too busy to take the time out to read a book, to enjoy the entire trilogy and the dramatic epic saga that unfolds therein.


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This is a map of the southwestern part of LeFain, the continent in which the dramatic tale of the Six Stones Trilogy takes place.

The lands represented on this map are the lands across which Orren Randolphus and his dear friends journeyed in their quest for the six gwellen.


You’ll soon be able to view this map and several others in greater detail on the page of this website called ‘The Trilogy’.